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Hon. JUSTICE Jeffrey Starr Mararian

(A legend in his own time)
(The uncrowned King of Armenia)

Jeffrey Starr's first full-time gig was at WAAB in Worcester, MA in 1967, where he was Playboy's "Deejay of the Year". In 1968, he was voted Most Handsome DJ in the World, by the readers of Teen Life magazine, a title he still holds (there was never another contest). Dick Clark called Starr on American Bandstand regarding the contest.

At WORC in Worcester, Starr hosted the first full time "progressive underground rock" music show on an AM station. The group Spirit mentions Jeffrey Starr on their album Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus.

Starr has worked, among others, at WPRO-FM in Providence, KTLK in Denver, WKBW in Buffalo and WBOS in Boston. At KTLK, Starr was involved in a mysterious contest relating to the rumors of Paul McCartney's death and a place called "Pepperland". KTLK claimed that Starr had been abducted. The FBI got involved trying to locate him after he vanished while on the air. The FCC later fined KTLK for conducting a contest that allegedly couldn't be won.

Starr is still on the air in the Massachusetts/Rhode Island TV market with Jeffrey's World, along with voiceover and modeling work.

Jeffrey has also been a licensed real estate broker and stock broker, along with being a Master Hypnotherapist. He was graduated from College with a B.A. Degree and also studied for a Masters in Divinity.

He owns Starr Power Enterprises,and is currently a licensed Justice of the Peace and Private Investigator in Massachusetts and his motto is: There is always hope and to Dream as though you will live forever,but live as though you'll die tomorrow.Jeffrey believes that his greatest contribution to this planet are his three children: Elektra, Jefferson and Hope,and he looks forward to joining his Parents soon in Heaven.

PostPosted by DiscoMan on

"I remember Jeff Starr. Worcester's most popular DJ (WORC), promoter, concert announcer, and style beacon. He also had an incredibly huge ego (suppose he had a right to it with the influence the guy had) the man in Worcester rock circles from maybe '67-'68 to the early '70s - 72 perhaps. He left WORC, Worcester and dropped out of sight. I'm glad to hear that he's doing well."